Orange Free Sounds releases “Charlie Brown Teacher”

Orange Free Sounds has released “Charlie Brown Teacher”, free funny sample pack in wav format.

“Charlie Brown teacher sound. The file includes 11 free sounds in wav format.”

Download is free.

License: Free for non-commercial use.


Zenhiser releases Insane Dubstep Presets V1

100 Insane Dubstep Presets Turns Your Native Instruments Massive Synth Into A Dubstep Preset Monster!

We’re back with another monstrous array of Native Instrument Massive presets designed exclusively for the Dubstep and Urban realm. These next level Dubstep presets will make your Massive synth roar so you can warp, distort and twist your dubstep sound to levels never heard before. Each preset has been custom designed with the Dubstep genre in mind but these incredible sounds will also suit the Urban scene just as well, making this preset pack an unstoppable addition to your synth presets.

‘Insane Dubstep Presets V1’ contains 100 elusive massive presets, we decided to concentrate on bass presets first as this is the gritty underground sound most producers will be looking for, then we layered the preset pack with mind altering fx presets and finished it off with a compact selection foundation building lead sounds that shout & punch like no others. This preset sound archive delivers amazing inspiration, whilst opening up it’s programming abilities by adding macro controls to the individual presets. So if you’re needing screaming bass sounds, crazy leads and inspirational fx sounds then ‘Insane Dubstep Presets V1’ is the perfect music tool to make your Massive synth go crazy.

Insane Dubstep Presets V1’ includes:

Dubstep Bass – 71 presets
Dubstep FX – 14 presets
Dubstep Leads – 15 presets

Presets like these don’t come around very often so step up, get into the studio position and drive!

Price: AUD 30.00


Sound Magic releases Pianist v2.2, Multi-Effects Unit

Pianist is a multi- effects unit that has been specially designed to give you control of your piano tracks/recordings. The aim of pianist to let you process piano recording the same ease as you tweak sounds on a Virtual Instrument.

Pianist includes a special designed EQ which lock on the most sensitive frequency for pianos. Also a special designed compressor with suitable attack and release settings to ensure smoothness and impact of your piano. Embodied Microphone Modeler will help you simulate different timbre tone with different microphones. Finally, a 3Dspacer is also included to help better panning your piano in a whole mix.

Change since Version 2

  • Improved EQ setting
  • Increases Compressor range
  • Change some microphone modeling parametric

Price: EUR 49.00


Free TDR equalizer SlickEQ made in collaboration with Variety of Sound and Vladg/Sound.

TDR VOS SlickEQ is a mixing/mastering equalizer designed for ease of use, musical flexibility and impeccable sound.

Three (and a half) filter-bands arranged in a classic Low/Mid/High semi-parametric layout offer fast and intuitive access to four distinct EQ modes, each representing a set of distinct EQ curves and behaviors. An elaborate auto gain option automatically compensates for changes of perceived loudness during EQ operation. Optionally, SlickEQ allows to exclusively process either the stereo sum or stereo difference (i.e. “stereo width”) without additional sum/difference encoding.

In order to warm up the material with additional harmonic content, SlickEQ offers a switchable EQ non-linearity and an output stage with 3 different saturation models. These options are meant to offer subtle and interesting textures, rather than obvious distortion. The effect is made to add the typical “mojo” often associated with classy audio gear.

An advanced 64bit multirate processing scheme practically eliminates typical problems of digital EQ implementations such as frequency warping, quantization distortion and aliasing.



Zenhiser releases Twerk Sessions

Over 500 Twerk Sounds & Loops Including Booty Shakin’ Beats, Floor Pounding Basslines & Stunning Twerk Drum Sounds!

Trap has cemented it’s foundations in the clubbing scene and with it has come some amazing sub genres and styles, one we had to get out on Zenhiser is Twerk. Based on a tasty mix of Trap and the spicy flavour of southern Bounce music this subdivision will soon be roaring through the world and blowing up to epidemic levels.

’Twerk Sessions’ is the new breed of Trap, highly energetic booty shakin beats with floor pounding basslines and stuttering top lines. 501 booming samples, loops and sounds makes this Zenhiser release the new must for all Hip Hop and Trap producers. There’s some serious beats and hooks in here, over 700mb worth so if you want your next track to sound like an underground hit then ‘Twerk Sessions’ is definitely your next step. Once again we’ve designed this sample pack to not only include some serious hooks but also all the elements to tweak, develop and master your tracks with a level of detail any pro producer would wish to use.

All audio files within this Zenhiser pack are 24bit 44.1khz wav.

Price: AUD 40.00